DMK Para-Medical Face Treatments

The revolutionary DMK concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN aims to match an individual’s biochemistry. Botanical based para-medical home and professional products instigate long term changes in the skin at a cellular level. In clinic treatments deliver superior results for rejuvenation/age control, hyper pigmentation, acne and post acne scarring, Rosacea, sensitive skin and sun damaged skin.

What is Para-medical? Para-medical therapy works on the structure and function of the skin, while cosmetic treatments work topically on the very outer surface of the skin.

Through DMK Resurfacing Peels and also their Alkaline Wash methods of removal of skin cells, a deeper superficial depth can be reached to improve lines, wrinkles, scarring and sun damage.

Other superficial peels from DMK used together with their world renowned Enzyme therapy will ensure a skin to be brought to its optimal skin health and beauty. The DMK Enzyme mask oxygenates the skin and through this, removes toxins, strengthens the skin, is extremely healing and stimulates new collagen production.

With these peels there will be no or light shedding for up to 3-6 days down time but this will be discussed in depth with each client.

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Environ Cool Peel System

For a skin to receive this peel, the skin should be prepped with Vitamin A and Vitamin C serum for at least 4 weeks (depending on the condition of the skin). This is normally a very comfortable peel on the skin because of a build in ‘cooling system’. The type of Cool Peel will be customised for the skin type and skin concern. The Lactic Acid peel will be the choice for pigmented skins or for fine line and wrinkles. The 2 different TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) peels will be customised to either suite acne prone skins or for aged and sun damaged skins.

There will be no or minimal fine peeling of the skin.

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Mesojet needle free and pain free Meso Therapy

This is the future of aesthetic skin care and is now available at View! With the use of the MED-JET, combined with the Medical Aesthetic Fusion Meso Vials, I can inject (without needles) into the desired layer of the dermis or hypodermis, to fight the signs of ageing, treat various skin conditions, change your skin at a cellular level and allow your skin to heal quickly and naturally, without any negative side effects.

The following conditions can be treated with no downtime (sometimes slight bruising can be expected):

Lines and wrinkles, firming and lifting, enhancing lip line, lip colour and volume, acne and post acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, melasma, improving the appearance of a double chin, hair loss in males and females, fine capillaries on face and legs, stretch marks, lax skin on arms and legs and unwanted belly or upper leg fat deposits.

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Dermapen 4 Skin Needling

The skin needling device used at View clinic, is the award winning DermapenWorld Dermapen 4. This needling device is manufactured to punch up to 1,800 tiny holes per second. According to research, the depth of needling the skin is not what gives us superior results but the number of holes is of utmost importance. The depth is set between 0,25 and 1,0 cm depending on the area of the face, neck or hands to cause a good amount of redness and the very start of a little bit of pin point bleeding. This makes skin needling with the Dermapen device much faster and with no downtime. Some slight blotchiness can still show for a day or 2 but it is absolutely possible to cover with a little bit of foundation. It is always possible for some bruising where a tiny vein has been hit but does not often happen.

The skin needling treatment is further enhanced by the new UberPeel exfoliator from DermapenWorld and done just after the needling session. This peel is extremely comfortable on the skin and enhances the results of skin needling.

For quicker healing and immediate comfort of the skin, the DermapenWorld HA Sculptured mask is used after the Peeling session. The warm feeling and redness is immediately calmed and the client more comfortable.

For a further ‘layered’ treatment, LED photo therapy can be used after this cooling and hydrating mask to stimulate even more fibroblasts to form collagen.

In other words the Dermapen needling treatment can absolutely be customised to your liking and budget and this can all be discussed during the consultation.

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Dermalux LED Light Treatment

LED stands for LIGHT EMITTING DIODE and is also called photo-therapy. It is a relaxing treatment and a stand-alone or an add-on to any treatment.

The Dermalux LED has won the award for best LED device internationally. A LED device normally comes with a Blue light for acne (destroying bacteria on a deep level) and the Red light for increasing collagen and elastin, hyper pigmentation, cell renewal and improvement in skin tone but the Dermalux LED comes with the NIR (Near Infra Red) setting as well. This enhances the treatment greatly and the machine can be set on all 3, or a combination of 2 of the lights depending on the skin concern. NIR or invisible light reduces redness, swelling, inflammation and also calms and helps to heal sunburnt skin and promotes pain relief.

The session lasts 25-30 minutes. In more severe cases 6 – 8 treatments only a week apart is needed.

This is a very relaxing treatment with no downtime, only improvement afterwards.

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Dermalogica® Skin Treatments

The ProSkin 30 or 60 minute treatments will be customised for your skin concern. While with the 30 minute treatment only 1 concern can be focussed on, during the 60 minute version 2 or more concerns can be treated. This is a mild treatment consisting of a slight lactic acid exfoliation, extractions where needed, serums and a mask. A galvanic current (not on certain medical conditions and pregnancy) will be used to push the serum and mask to the deeper level of the epidermis for improved results. No downtime.

The ProPowerPeel consists of AHA (Lactic, Glycolic Acid) and BHA (Salicylic Acid) and will be customised to the skin concern. The acids can stand alone or can be mixed and customised for best results. No downtime but slight redness and fine flaking can sometimes be expected.

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