July 16th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

The Benefit of ‘layered’ Treatments at View

What do we mean by a  ‘layered’ treatment?

At View health and skin care clinic we have the tools of the trade to be able to offer you ‘layered’ treatments – See Promotion 17,18 July 2013.

Layered treatments mean that apart from your customised face treatment we can add the use of certain facial machines and/or serums to enhance the result on the skin.   It normally gives the wau factor and your results remain for longer till you have your next treatment.

Here are some of the magic machine treatments we can add to your face treatment:

Galvanic current:  By using a galvanic machine, we enhance the action of serums through the process of ionisation to be able to achieve best possible results.   A treatment done with the galvanic current will have up to 200-300 times better penetration of active ingredients

Bt Micro Ultrasonic peel:  This is a our magic ultrasonic ‘peel/exfoliation’ device which is used together with e.g. lactic acid or plant enzymes to remove dead skin cells in a gentle but highly effective way.  The skin has a ‘refined’ look, is super soft, glowing and will normally feel this way for a  longer period than without the use of this device.  Our clients feel that their skins are ‘brightened’ even after only one treatment!

Bt Micro ultrasonic peel

Bt Micro ultrasonic peel









Bt Nano non-surgical facelift:  As we age, the regeneration of our skin and body cells slows down resulting in ageing, lines and wrinkles and loss in muscle tone.   This pleasant 20 min treatment re-energise the mitochondria in the nucleus of a cell.  The result?  Faster cell turnover, collagen boosting and improved muscle tone.  The face looks slightly lifted, lively and refreshed – the perfect treatment for when you want to look your best!  For even better results we offer a course of 6 treatments (2-3 per week).   Thereafter one treatment per month to maintain your result.

Bt Nano non-surgical facelift

Bt Nano non-surgical facelift










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