May 26th, 2017 Annique Fourie

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant versus Daily Superfoliant discussed and reviewed

You might know the amazing Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica, but for some of you that don’t, let me briefly fill you in.  The Microfoliant is a unique and special rice-based enzyme powder that exfoliates, brightens, stimulates cell renewal and smooths out your skin.  It has been an overwhelming favorite for a lot of its users around the world as their skin enhanced in appearance and overall health.

BUT… Earlier this year Dermalogica stunned us with an even better micro-exfoliating product.  It does not only include the same properties as the Microfoliant, but will also fight aging and inflammation caused by environmental factors.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is called the DAILY  SUPERFOLIANT!

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant and Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant and Daily Microfoliant

Similar to the Daily Microfoliant, the Daily Superfoliant is a fine powder that will resurface, smooth and purify the skin.  With added ingredients and proven benefits it will provide a step up from the original Daily Microfoliant.

Ingredients such as:

  • Enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to smooth and resurface the skin.
  • Rice Bran Extract to exfoliate, inhibit hyperpigmentation from developing and aid in the improvement of collagen integrity.
  • Activated Binchotan Charcoal to absorb pollutants and detox.
  • Niacinamide to reduce inflammation and there also prevent pollutants to adhere to the skin surface.
  • Red Algae to protect the natural barrier of the skin and combat aging triggers
  • Their new Anti-Pollution technology, to fight biochemical and environmental triggers that can accelerate aging.

The Daily Superfoliant is suitable for normal, mature and prematurely aged skin, making its application suitable for most skin types.

How to use:

This enhanced exfoliator can be used after regular cleansing and is best suited for daily use. The application will be the same as with Daily Microfoliant, dispensing half a teaspoon into cleansed and wet hands. By rubbing your hands together you create a creamy paste that you apply in a circular motion to freshly washed skin. Avoiding the eye area, gently massage for one minute and rinse thoroughly with warm water.Exfoliation with one of our heros - Daily Superfolliant

The results after the use of the Daily Superfoliant reviewed by Dermalogica users:

  • “My skin feels soft and smooth, a very good resurfacing treatment that you can do at home. Definite protection from environmental factors with a light protective film left on my skin after exfoliation.” -Annique
  • “The beautiful glow I had after using the Daily Superfoliant was beautiful, something I have never seen with other products before. Something that also stood out was the brightening effect once the product was removed.” -Carol
  • “With my more mature skin, Daily Microfoliant tends to make my skin feel a bit dry. I was pleasantly surprised after using Daily Superfoliant. My skin felt hydrated, soft and had a lovely glow! It was as if my skin came alive. It is a fantastic product and given the fact that it removes and fights pollution, an added benefit.  This product has become my absolute favorite home exfoliator!” -Marijke

The Daily Superfoliant is definitely a product worth using and your skin will thank you all the way!

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