Why we choose DMK (Danne Montague-King)?

When I was in my third year of my clinic (View was then still in Fish Hoek), I was ready to grow into a much more serious side of treating the skin.  I was starting to screen the only few para-medical products we had available in South Africa.   I was happy with the results I got with Dermalogica but needed to assist the client with even deeper seated concerns.  These concerns include serious acne, hyper pigmentation or when someone wants to experience even better results in rejuvenation.

The DMK methodology, treatments and products seemed to have changed the face of aesthetics.  Danne uses botanical formulations to work with the skin rather than merely acting on it.  The person behind the formulations, Danne Montague-King, uses amino acids, enzymes and fractionated oils from plants to create an environment that allows the skin to thrive.Danne pharmacology pic

Danne was among the first scientists to recognise the power of enzymes to hydrolyse the skin, also the first to alert the world to the professional use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s.  His research with vitamin C therapy, both as an age retardant and collagen enhancer, span three decades.  He has worked with the world’s premier physicians and surgeons to elevate the standards of skin therapy.

Danne himself suffered from severe acne.  Not finding relieve by using traditional products, he started searching for a solution.   He developed his own formulations and treated himself, achieving incredible results.Danne M-King face

This experience marked the beginning of his pioneering research in all aspects of skin rejuvenation and also disorders of the ethnic skin.

What impressed me was Danne’s personal experience with problem skin and that he works with active, natural ingredients which works with ALL skin types.

His believe of Remove-Rebuild-Protect-Maintain was refreshing.  It was the only para-medical product house where medium deep and deep facial peels weren’t the main focus. With DMK there is so much choice in the depth and type of peel.  Danne would if need to be, not even use exfoliation to start with, but would build-protect-maintain and educate the client before any ‘Removal’ is considered.

Now in my 5th year of working with DMK, I can truly say we have seen many skins that need ‘building’  before we can ‘remove’ and Danne is the perfect choice to do this and achieve amazing results.  








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