August 15th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Before and after pictures – Skin burn due to gas flame

Ben was introduced to us by one of our clients.   A few days before we met him, he has had an accident at home trying to sort out a problem with their gas heater.   The gas flame exploded into his face and left his brows scorched off and burns all over his face.  His lips were badly damaged as well.

Ben's gas flame brunt skin before treatment with DMK

Ben’s gas flame burnt skin before treatment with DMK


Gas burnt skin pre-DMK treatment

Pre-treatment picture of Ben’s gas burnt lips

When Ben came to us for his appointment his skin looked incredibly tender, red and sore.  His skin was blistering and his lips were dry, flaky, red and somewhat swollen as well.   Not a pretty sight and Ben was very uncomfortable in his skin.

After consulting with our client we decided which home care to recommend, keeping it simple yet highly effective to get fast healing of his damaged skin cells.   We had to incorporate ingredients that would not only promote healing and improving on the function of his damaged skin cells, but we had to improve on the swelling and inflammation to make Ben feel more comfortable as soon as possible.

No doubt that our treatment was going to entail the para-medical product range Danne Montague-King or DMK.

We chose to use Betagen cream from DMK containing the active ingredient Beta Glucan working on cellular level to increase the strength and resistance of a skin cell.   With Betagen cream occluded into the skin, we followed up by applying DMK’s world-renowned Enzyme treatment.   This mask from plant enzymes acts not only on the skin but works with the skin strengthening collagen and elastin fibres and has an amazing healing capacity due to a ‘micro pumping’ action whereby blood gets pumped out of and ‘clean’ blood into the veins.   Blood is the carrier of oxygen hence the healing and strengthening action it has on collagen, skin membranes and all other structures of the skin.   The enzyme mask is left on the skin for 40 – 45 minutes.

After the removal of the mask one could clearly see the Plasmatic effect on his veins.  All veins were clearly visible and we often refer to this as ‘veins looking like a road map’.   These veins have opened up during the treatment and will close very soon afterwards and will not be visible to the naked eye anymore.  During this ‘pumping’ action of the Enzyme mask, the lymph system opens up as well, bringing in new clean lymph also playing a roll in strengthening and healing the skin

Skin burnt by gas flame - picture was taken after one DMK treatment

Skin burnt by gas flame – picture taken just after the DMK treatment

Ben’s home care was kept simple with recommending DMK’s Ultra gentle cleanser, Herb and mineral mist, Betagen cream and DMK’s Transdermal sunscreen.

We made  contact with him about 3 days later and were  pleased to hear that his skin had improved drastically and that he was delighted about the results.

Gas burnt skin after one DMK treatment

Post DMK treatment – gas burn on skin

Eye area 12 days after DMK treatment.

The eye area 12 days after DMK treatment

12 days after one DMK treatment. Skin was badly burnt due to gas flame

Skin 12 days after one DMK treatment.

His follow-up treatment was done 12 days later.  When Ben walked into the clinic we could hardly believe that it was the same person.  It was wonderful to once again experience the amazing results we can achieve with DMK.

Our thanks to Ben for taking our recommendation and follow through with his home care routine.  We cannot stress enough that we need our clients to engage in  proper home care as recommended during our Facemapping/consultation.  Well done to you Ben!



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