Bio-therapeutic Gear as a tool to enhance face treatments

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?  We are excited to be working with the latest technology and to be able to offer the service to our valued clients.

With time becoming so precious and days so full and busy, the need for faster yet effective treatments has grown.  We all want results!  We have acquired Bt Gear to assist with improving your skin treatments as well as introduce new angles to skin care.

The master mind behind this amazing gear is David Suzuki who is the president of the company.  He has been an active member of the medical aesthetic industry for over 25 years and is, like we are, thoroughly committed to providing cutting edge technology and is passionate about continuing

Today we will focus on our Bt-Analyze device.  Simply put, it is a compact moisture reading tool.  It reads the moisture content in your skin deep down, so products and make up that have been applied topically won’t affect the reading.

For us to do a hydration check, the analyser’s small membrane is placed to certain areas of your skin i.e the forehead, eye area, cheeks and chest.  It is completely painless and done in seconds.

Skin hydration check done with the Bio-therapeutic Analyze
Bt Analyze hydration check








We will receive readings of anything between 0 and 65 per area.  A reading below 30 means your skin is seriously dry and dehydrated.  A reading of round 40 indicates dehydration whereas readings of 45 and higher will mean a beautifully looked after skin with the client using the correct products for his or her skin type.

Through these measurements we know which areas should then become focus points when customizing your skin treatment.  It is very interesting to note the amazing improvement after a treatment by doing another check.  Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to find their readings being over 50 or even measuring at 65!

After achieving this great result in your treatment, it would be vital for you to maintain this level of hydration at home by using your prescribed home-care.

Come in for a free hydration check and let’s have a look at how healthy and hydrated your skin really is!


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