April 6th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Bt Nano non-sugical facelift promo for April

Book a course of 6 treatments @R350 = R2100 and receive a 7th treatment for free.   The 30 minute treatment should be done twice a week.   Maintenance 1 x per month.   Our clients normally book the maintenance treatments as an add-on to their facial which is then the cheaper option (R150).

Results in collagen boosting and muscle 'lift' with the bt Nano non-surgical facelift machine

Results – bt Nano non-surgical facelift

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The bt nano non-surgical facelift machine works with micro current stimulating the muscle to ‘act’ younger hence the subtle ‘lift’.   It works on relaxing crow’s-feet en expression lines on forehead and between the brows, giving the expression a more friendly and relaxed look.  The same time collagen is boosted slowing down the ageing process.

The improved Suzuki technique used in the bt Nano machine

Bt Nano non-surgical facelift machine in action

Micro current has been part of the beauty and skin care industry for many years, but  lucky for us, through ongoing research the machines have been updated and improved.  Where a treatment was previously as long as 45 minutes, the same or better result is now achieved with updated models in only 20 – 25 minutes (max).  The bio-therapeutic (bt) nano machine is an example of such technology.   The designers are making use of the ‘Suzuki’ technique using different wavelengths with each treatment to getter even better results.


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