February 11th, 2014 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogia MediBac range to clear and control acne

Acne is no longer something one only deals with as a teenager. Unfortunately adult acne is on the rise, even if the individual had a perfect skin while growing up.

Although acne equally affects both men and women, there are differences. Men are more likely to have longer-lasting, more severe forms of acne than women. Despite this, they are also less likely to seek advice and treatment.

Simply put, acne is described as a disease affecting the sebaceous and hair follicles of the skin. It can occur on the neck, chest, back, arms and of course the face. Our genes will determine the grade/degree of the acne.

There are many different triggers when it comes to acne besides it possibly being hereditary.  Stress is a huge trigger, as well as certain cosmetics we may use. The environment we are exposed to daily also plays a role, humidity, and more importantly also with adult acne is hormones.

Dermalogica has recognised the increasing amount of acne cases in adults and has answered with the MediBac range. Safe to be used by younger clients, the main focus was on adults.

THE  PRODUCTS:  The anti-bacterial cleanser called Clearing Skin Wash. This cleanser should be alternated with your usual cleanser. Clearing skin wash is a soothing and a gently exfoliating cleanser preventing future break-outs.  It also creates an ideal surface for absorption of your other blemish control products.

Picture of the MediBac range from Dermalogica

Picture of the MediBac range from Dermalogica

For oily shines, the Clearing Mattifier is perfect. It will not only control shine, but also reduce congestion and help clear break-outs for an all-day matte finish. A bonus is the silicone which melts into your skin, therefore diminishing fine lines and smoothing your skin’s texture.

An absolute must when treating break-outs, is the all-time favourite Overnight Clearing Gel. Go to bed with peace of mind with this powerful night time treatment. Salicylic Acid sloughs off those pore clogging skin cells while Tea Tree Oil soothes and calms. It is simply applied directly to the affected areas after cleansing. Make sure this wonder gel is in your bathroom cupboard for those emergencies!

Additional products in this range include a sebum-absorbing masque, an oilcontrol moisturiser and an oil-free SPF 30 sunscreen, which makes it possible for absolutely anyone to wear sunscreen!

View Health and Skin Care Clinic also offers the perfect skin treatment to compliment your home care regime and path the way to your clear and healthy skin.

Face Mapping consultations with us are R100 and will provide you with all the information and ammunition you’ll need to effectively treat your acne concerns.

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