March 21st, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogica Brightening Chromawhite face treatment

Now that we have looked into when to opt for either the DMK or the Dermalogica treatments, we would like to highlight some of the treatment choices on offer using our two hero product houses.

In this post we would like to highlight a treatment to improve and control hyper pigmentation.   So many clients are concerned about sun spots starting to appear normally round their forties or the ever dreaded ‘pregnancy masque’ (melasma or often referred to as chloasma) caused by fluctuations in hormones during pregnancy or using the ‘Pill’.  Certain medication, perfumes and also inflammation of the skin e.g. after lip waxing, could also cause hyper pigmentation.

Choosing a Dermalogica treatment to act as a brightener,  look no further than our Brightening ChromawhiteTRx facial. To be able to achieve the desired results,  it is of utmost importance to use the proper home care. After the Face Mapping/consultation we do during your first visit with us, you will receive a full recommendation. Great care is given educating our clients on why we recommend certain products and how to use to achieve the best possible results.

It is an hour long treatment and starts with a double cleanse using Precleanse to dislodge all impurities, followed by cleansing with the Chromawhite Tri-active cleanser. We often refer to this cleanser as a ‘speciality’ cleanser because of its active ingredients doing much more than just cleansing. Tri-actice cleanser slightly exfoliates whilst also brightening your skin.

Next step is sloughing off a thin layer of dead skin cells and with that we will also have dead pigmented skin cells that will be desquamated (chipped off) from the rest of the skin.   The strength of exfoliation will be carefully chosen in order for our client to leave the clinic with ultra soft and glowing skin. Normally our clients can see a difference right from the start. The skin looks brighter and livelier from the very first treatment. It is important though to realise that we need 6 – 8 treatments every fortnight to ‘resurface’ the skin and to achieve the desired results. Maintenance is once a month. The percentage peel will increase as your skin becomes accustomed to the hydroxy acid we are using. It is possible to leave the clinic with a slight pink colour but that should go away within hours.

After the exfoliation process the Chromawhite brightening complex (serum)  and a second ‘soothing’ serum is worked into the skin during a 10 minute pressure point massage. We will then add a face masque and ‘press’ the serums and masque deep into the skin by using a Galvanic current. Note that through using a galvanic machine the absorption of your serums and masque can be up to 200 times better than without galvanic current ….in other words… a truly superior treatment.

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