March 21st, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogica ChromawhiteTRx home care

To successfully treat hyper pigmentation, we need to not only receive result driven face treatments, but understand the importance of home prescriptives.

We need to slough off dead pigmented skin cells, but also slow down the formation of new pigmentation.

The following ingredients are key to your results:

Oligopeptides decreasing the amount of the enzyme Tyrosinase that allows pigment to form. Oligopeptides are even better than using hydroquinone which can have a negative result on the nucleus of a skin cell and banned in most countries.

Vitamin C Serum to help brighten skin, decrease Tyrosinase action and neutralise free radicals which have a damaging effect on skin cells.

Anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals. Dermalogica offer the Anti-oxidant Hydramist from their Age Smart product line. This will be my choice for a skin with hyper pigmentation unless the pigmentation was caused by inflammation. In this case I would opt for their Ultracalming mist.

Glucosamine to fight inflammation.

Licorice to calm and brighten.

Daylight defense (sunscreen) to protect the skin from UVB as well as UVA. We by far prefer the physical sunscreens with ingredients Titanium and Zinc oxide. A physical sunscreen work by reflecting the sun rays off the skin. Chemical sunscreens work by being absorbed by the skin, allowing UVB and UVA into the skin first before scattering the rays. The problem is that many skins are sensitive to these chemicals and reddened/inflamed skins do not necessarily need to be ‘heated up’ more then they already are! We recommend wearing a sun protection of 25 – 30 and to re-apply after swimming or perspiring

Home exfoliation: Rice Bran acts as a skin brightener and is usually used together with fruit enzymes (Papain and Bromlein) to gently remove dead skin cells. Products containing a low percentage (safe for home care)  Lactic or Glycol acid or a mixture of Lactic and Salicylic acids will support the exfoliation process started during face treatments.

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Dermalogica Chromawhite range

ChromawhiteTRx range containing these ingredients and more are:

Tri-active cleanser, C12 Concentrate mixed with Extreme C (Vit C serum), Pure Light SPF30, Pure Night moisturiser and Powerfoliant as the exfoliant in the Chromawhite home care range.

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