April 8th, 2014 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogica Clear Start – Feedback

Recently Dermalogica launched their NEW Clear Start range and working here at View I was SO fortunate as I was able to try them out on my own skin!  Having already been using their previous Clean Start range and loving it, I knew I was in for a real treat with these new and improved products!

First I used their new Foaming Wash, and experienced a little goes a long way. The gel foams up so easily into a nice lather.  It deeply cleansed my skin, getting rid of all excess make up but in such a way that it left my skin feeling so refreshed, beautifully clean and smooth, not overly dry or uncomfortable.

Dermalogica Clear Start products - Feedback

Teresa’s feedback on Dermalogica Clear Start products

Next, the All Over Toner which comes in a great spray bottle.  It sprays a very light and even mist over your whole face and has such an awesome cooling sensation – so refreshing!

After that I used the Daytime Treatment, which is applied under the Matte Moisturizer. To sum it up this one was my personal favourite!  So light weight and great to know you have a treatment working underneath your make up, clearing your skin of breakouts AND preventing them from returning!

Lastly I used the Matte Moisturizer, normally my skin tends to get shiny and quite oily as the day goes on but it completely controlled that.  It was so light on my skin but also nourishing enough.  My face did not feel dry and tight – it was the perfect balance!

Overall I am so impressed and I just know all teens and tweens would love using these incredible and oh so simple to use products!

Clear skin STARTS NOW!

For a 20 minute Clear Start MicroZone treatment or to know more about the products, call us on 021 7948986 or email:  View@telkomsa.net

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