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We often get asked if it is necessary to book a Facemapping and consultation session at View.   In today’s fast paced world, we are often looking for immediate gratification which is unfortunately not always the best way to go.

So here is what makes us at View different from so many other ‘skin analysis’ procedures you might have experienced or…..not at all.

When booking a Facemapping session at View Health and Skin Care Clinic, you are not only booking a thorough analysis of your skin, but also have all your questions answered and your knowledge of skin care broadened.  It is the ultimate consultation!

When “mapping” the skin, we are mentally dividing areas of the face, neck and chest into 14 zones.  This way every inch is covered and we will pin-point every concern.  It is also the best, if not the only way, we can give you your absolute best customised face treatment.

After completing your consultation card which provides us with some background of your skin, your current routine as well as your expectations, you will be led into one of our treatment rooms to change into a gown and get comfortable on the bed.  This gives us the chance to assess your client card thoroughly.

Our first step is to look at and feel your skin.  We want to know how it would typically be on a normal day, and will continue to ask questions about your current routine, products and habits.  This will provide us with more ammunition to help improve your skin concerns.  After a double-cleanse with the appropriate cleanser, we will analyse the moisture levels (water) deep down in your skin with our BT-Analyze device.  We will explain the significance of the readings before the mapping procedure.  Facemapping starts on the left side of your forehead, which we call ‘zone 1’.  We will follow our way across, then down and around both sides of your face, ending on your chest area (zone 14).  Our findings will be recorded on your Facemapping sheet of which you will receive a copy.

Dermalogica Facemapping - the way to excellent skin care
Dermalogica Facemapping for the ultimate result in skin care

At the end of the consultation, we will apply an eye cream, toner, moisturiser and of course sun protection, letting you feel some of the products we have listed on your prescription.  You will be left to get dressed and enjoy a beverage during which time you will be presented with your Facemapping prescription sheet.  This will provide you with your very own, specific and customised home-care recommendation, as well as an in-clinic treatment plan to path the way forward to a new and more beautiful skin!

We have a passion for skin care and pride ourselves in providing you with in-depth knowledge, excellent service and advice which is result orientated.  We believe in treating skins as if they were our own!

Facemapping takes about an hour,  is available to anyone and everyone who wants more knowledge and advice about their skins, at the cost of only R100.

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