November 5th, 2015 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogica’s new Overnight Retinol Repair

Overnight Retinol Repair is Dermalogica’s recent revolutionary contribution to the skincare industry.

This AgeSmart product is a powerful overnight treatment cream which combats early signs of ageing.  External and internal factors (sun exposure, lifestyle habits and medical history) are causing biochemical reactions in the skin.  Biochemical reactions lead to structural changes, affecting the skin’s appearance and resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and hyperpigmentation.

Retinol is a vitamin A molecule which has the ability to communicate with the skin cell and also a highly effective anti-oxidant. Retinol gets broken down into retinoic acid and communicates with the skin cell to function healthier. 

Vitamin A encapsulated for maximum penetration - a revolution by Dermalogica and available at View Health and skin care clinic

The new Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

The Overnight Retinol Repair cream is formulated with a highly-active, 0.5% micro-encapsulated form of Retinol to ensure maximum results. This type of technology protects the Vitamin A molecule’s stability.  With application the retinol is controlled-released into the skin for better penetration and deep delivery of actives.  The protective properties also reduce moisture loss in the skin.

Other ingredients in this product:

  • Vitamin C:  brightens, lightens and protects
  • Peptides:  stimulate collagen production
  • Copper Amino Acid Complex:  improves firmness
  • Ceramides and Polysaccharides:  prevent water loss and provide hydration
  • Lavender and Licorice Root:  Soothing and calming effects

What to expect after application:

Some clients experience temporary signs of sensitivity, redness and flakiness.  To minimse skin irritation, Dermalogica recommends starting with small concentrations of Retinol application to give the skin time to build natural retinoid receptors to receive the ingredient without showing any negative reactions.

A moisturising Buffer Cream is included in the packaging) to allow a client to mix with the product and in doing so, dilute the effect of the Retinol.  This gives the skin the necessary time to adjust for minimal or no downtime.

How to use for maximum results:

  • Mix 1 part Overnight Retinol Repair with 3 parts Buffer Cream
  • Apply at night only on a cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area
  • Do not layer directly with other targeted treatment products
  • Avoid waxing and exfoliation within 72 hours before usage
  • Once the skin has adjusted to the Retinol, you can use the Overnight Retinol Repair on its own, prior to or mixed with a moisturiser.
  • Make sure to apply a sunscreen during the day

Contact us on:  021 7948986/73 for more info.  The product retails at R1350 for 30 ml

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