March 10th, 2015 Marijke Harteveld

Dermalogica’s new PowerBright TRx for pigmentation

Dermalogica’s new PowerBright TRx system for hyper pigmentation is a truly phenomenal product as shown on the pre and post picture

Pre and post picture of results after 4 weeks using Dermalogica's PowerBright TRx for pigmentation

Pre and post picture of results after 4 weeks using Dermalogica’s PowerBright TRx for pigmentation

It consists of 3 products:  C12 Concentrate with a delicate silicone type consistency.   It is applied under Pure Light moisturiser with build in sunscreen.  Pure Night is used as a night time moisturiser.  These products work together in decreasing pigmentation and inhibiting the formation of new pigmentation.

Results are visible after one month only.   Saying this, we always underline the fact that once a pigmentation sufferer, you will always be a pigmentation sufferer and treatment must be maintained.  For even better results book for the PowerBright TRx face treatments we offer.   A course of 4-8 treatments (R650 per treatment) is recommended depending on the severity of the problem.

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