Dermapen review: From a client’s perspective

Here is the feedback from one of our clients re her experience with our Dermapen:

– ‘The best thing!  Totally impressed with this procedure and results are really noticeable.

This is my experience.  The treatment itself is not either painful or unpleasant – just different.  In total the process takes about 2 hours.  A topical anaesthetic is applied over the face and neck (you can choose if you also want to include the chest area).  This is covered in cling film and left for 30 to 40 minutes to work.  There is a slight feeling of numbness. The ‘pen’ is a vibrating device that has multiple micro needles that pierce the skin.  This is nowhere near as bad as it sounds and whilst some parts of the face are more sensitive than others – a strange sensation when treating the nose area which is slightly tickly and can give you the feeling that you want to sneeze – it is not uncomfortable.

Ice was then applied to the skin (by far the worst bit of the treatment!) and then a lovely cooling mask.  I was given full instructions and products to use over the following few days.  I suppose the best way to describe how I looked after this treatment is like I had bad sunburn – a bit red and a bit blotchy, but the degree of this I would say really depends on how sensitive your skin is.

I was given a foundation with very good coverage which concealed everything and so I was able to go about as normal.  The second day the redness was less and by day 3 and 4 some flakiness/peeling, just like your skin is very dry.

Ten days on I am absolutely thrilled.  My skin looks great, especially the neck area where I can really see a huge improvement.  The pores around my chin area which seemed to have enlarged with age also look a bit more refined.  I can’t wait for the next treatment!

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