January 4th, 2014 Marijke Harteveld

DMK – Acu Klear range for clearing acne

A variety of medicines are available to try help clear acne but unfortunately as with many skin conditions, the symptoms are treated but not necessarily the underlying causes.

Most of the topical products used are for drying out the skin assisting in decreasing oiliness.  These products are often harsh and drying out the skin means a dehydrated skin and therefor stimulating your oil glands again to try counteract.  A vicious cycle and not a favourable answer to this problem. The DMK approach is based on scientific facts and acts with the skin and not just merely on it.

Pre and post pictures after using DMK Klear range for acne

DMK Acu Klear range to treat acne and breakouts

DMK Klear is a fairly new product range, updated with he latest technology and scientific knowledge re acne and break out activity.   It replaces some of DMK’s old products (Moisture balancer, Benzoyl Peroxide).  They have also added a few new products to make Klear a complete Acne fighting system.

Acu Klenz:  A cleanser with exfoliating agents, gently assisting drying up of existing acne and preventing further breakouts by controlling the spread of bacteria.  It has an anti-inflammatory action and balances the amount of oil secretion of the skin.

Acu Mist:  Assist in restoring a healthy acid mantle of the skin, hydrates skin and controls acne bacteria (p. acnes)

Acu Moist:  Moisturise skin without oiliness, lightweight, soothing, calming and healing on skin.  It helps fight inflammation and redness.

Acu Klear:  This is a spot lotion that can be used over a small to medium area on the face.   It reduces inflammation and redness and assist in controlling the amount of oil secretion.  It also assists in building collagen in compromised skin tissue.  Acu Klear is unigue in that it increases the flow of purifying oxygen through capillaries, flushing out toxins.  It contains powerful ingredients which can assist in safeguarding skin during periods of stress (stress related acne).  Acu Klear is reach in anti-oxidants fighting free radicals.

Acu Therm:  It is a thermal gel used on the pimple to soften blind pimples and congested acne eliminating that urge to squeeze!  It works by heating up the pimple and hydrolysing the oil and bacteria trapped in it.  The ultimate deep pore cleansing method.

The Acu range is available at our clinic in Constantia.   The control of acne is one of View’s specialities – a condition so often misunderstood….We offer Facemapping/Consultation sessions to be able to assist you with the best possible choice in treatments and/or products to eliminate acne breakouts.

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