July 16th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

DMK: Balancing Sensitive and Sensitised Skins

We are led to believe that skin is fragile and sensitive.  The skin is in fact a strong organ designed to protect us!  It has an amazing ability to regenerate itself.  Sensitive skin means you have a finely textured skin that can be absolute beautiful but is very easy to be sensitised and damaged if not cared for properly.  In other words, skin is reactive when the internal processes are out of balance.

Trans epidermal water loss is one of the main causes of skin becoming reactive.  Water is essential for healthy skin.  Skin with good free water levels is soft and supple, reflects a healthy glow and ages less quickly.

Most treatments for sensitive and sensitised skins attempt to calm the skin and reduce redness.   This is of course good, but apart from doing that, DMK has a strong re-balancing action as well.   It uses barrier repair therapy to increase free water levels.

The important thing here is:  when the skin is brought back into homeostasis it ceases to be reactive!

We would recommend some of the following products from DMK:

  • Milk cleanser with herbal oils and essential fatty acids
  • Herb and mineral mist for deeper penetration of the product and for the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating abilities
  • Beta gel with betaglucan increasing the immunity and strength of a cell
  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C for free radical scavenging, collagen restoration, increasing the strength and immunity of the skin
  • Seba-e oil mimicking the skin’s natural oil and contains botanicals to sooth
  • Betagen cream with  betaglucan (see Beta gel)
  • Biogen C cream formulated to desensitise, Niacinamide to flush swollen capillaries and Arnica as an anti-inflammatory
  • Transdermal Sunblock Spf 30

    DMK Paramedical skin care to maintain beautiful skin

    Home prescriptives for Sensitive and Sensitised Skins

Treatments from DMK to assist in Balancing and Healing sensitised skin:

  • Enzyme treatment (45 min) to build, strengthen
  • Enzyme masque with Betagen occlusion therapy for the most sensitised skins and also for treating Rosaceae
  • When and if the skin is sufficiently ‘build up’ and barrier repair normalised, a light exfoliation/peel called Quick Peel with 1% Phenol and Cassia Nut Oil that will flush out and strengthen capillaries – a wonderful treatment for red veins in the face

A final word on strengthening and protecting the skin from within:   We advise taking Omega 3 capsules.   1000 mg per day for 2 or 3 months.  Maintenance 500 mg per day thereafter (please to clear with your medical doctor).   Omega 3 has wonderful health properties and one of them is to in a natural way lower the amount of ‘invisible’ inflammation in our bodies and skins.

Skin tip for sensitive skins:  Avoid sitting close to a fire, having too many caffeinated drinks or using steam baths or saunas.


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