DMK Betagen creme and Beta Gel

DMK targets all skin problems and conditions, but one ingredient almost everyone will benefit from is Beta glucan. It is an ingredient that many are becoming more familiar with and it has been a buzz word for us working in the industry for many years.

Beta glucan (derived from the yeast cell wall) directly stimulates the Langerhans cells – your skin’s inbuilt immune system. This subsequently activates the macrophages (your white blood cells which fight invaders) within the dermis. Once this activation has taken place, the macrophages release a series of compounds that stimulate the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin.

Beta glucan also contains potent anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging capabilities.

DMK has formulated two products containing this powerful ingredient:

Beta Gel

Betagen Creme

So, when and for what reason would you need Beta Gel?  It is beneficial for most skin conditions particularly acne, congested skin, skins with poor immunity, premature ageing and scarring.  Any skin that is reactive, irritated or inflamed will greatly benefit, as well as smokers and slow healers.  Beta Gel also contains a stabilised source of Vitamin C which also aids in strengthening and repairing within the skin while inhibiting Tyrosinase (the enzyme needed to form pigmentation).  This gel is easily applied to a cleansed skin before your prescribed DMK oils and cremes.

DMK Beta Gel to heal and build damaged and sensitive skins
Beta Gel to heal damaged and sensitised skin 

Tip: It can also be applied to sutures or closed wounds to aid tissue regeneration.

This miracle ingredient also comes in the form of a moisturiser, the Betagen Crème – DMK’s ‘emergency crème’.  It contains ingredients that nourish and trigger the regeneration of damaged cells, promotes growth factors, collagen, elastin and most importantly enhances the immune responses and fights free radicals.

In severe cases it is used morning and evening as your moisturiser, like in cases of the skin suffering some kind of trauma like being burned but it can be used as either your night or day crème combined with your Herb and Mineral Spray to increase absorption and provide extra hydration.

Professionally, we also use the Betagen Crème together with the DMK enzyme mask, if we feel your skin really needs help being rebuilt and strengthened in preparation of more active and advanced DMK treatments .  The results we  experience are phenomenal!

We are always sure to be well stocked with Beta Gel and Betagen Crème so don’t delay getting your skin’s new best friend this winter!  Available at View Health and Skin Care Clinic, Constantia Village Shopping Centre.  021 7948986

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