April 25th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

DMK Home Prescriptives – Cleansers

DMK cleansers are formulated with gentle, yet active ingredients to either assist in acne problems, slightly oily and congested skin and the mature, older skin.

Acne wash:  It contains a base formulation of 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide which acts to alleviate congestion without drying the skin.  The wash is for cystic, clogged and congested skin. No bacteria can survive very long in a peroxide environment.  However ordinary peroxide does not penetrate in the epidermis well and adding Benzoyl helps to pull the peroxide down into the pore.  It is gentle enough to use on inflamed skin.  Popular with teenagers as well as with adults where adult acne or oily skin is diagnosed.

Deep Pore Pure:  This cleanser is for normal to oily skin with congestion. This is a botanical cleanser that will cleanse the skin without a drying effect.  It contains White Oak designed to flush out impurities and helps keep pores tight.  This ingredient has anti-bacterial properties as well.   Allantoin, Panthenol and Aloe barbadensis have all got a healing, anti-inflammatory action making it an ideal shaving gel for men.

DMK Paramedical skin care to maintain beautiful skin

DMK Cleansers

Milk Cleanser:  A calming herbal cleanser for fragile lipid-dry or reactive skin.  Could be used over the eye area and can act as an eye make up remover.  Contains White Oak to open and cleans the pores, Yucca which has anti-inflammatory actions and Birch Anti-septic properties.  Soybean is a herbal lipid and contains 8 essential amino acids.  Milk cleanser is an extremely gentle formula.



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