DMK treatments for breakouts and acne

I have been performing DMK treatments on my clients for the last 6 years and am still amazed by the wonderful results we achieve.  Some clients have been nearly in tears after receiving their first compliments on their great looking skin!

During a Facemapping/Consultation session in our clinic, we do stress the fact that the skin took a while to get to where it is now (sometimes years) and will take time to be restored to a beautiful and healthy skin again.

Something else that stands out for me is that we need our clients to commit to the ingredients (products) we recommend and the frequency of treatments we will have to do to achieve our results.   Saying that, we will take time and budget in consideration and will do the best we can with what you can spend and the time you have available.  Staying as close as possible to our recommendation will see better results in a shorter period of time.

The DMK treatment of choice and a big favourite is the Enzyme treatment (see blog post on Enzyme treatment) to strengthen the structure and integrity of the skin.  We try to immediately decrease on the amount of redness and inflammation that goes hand in hand with breakouts and acne.  Even after one session the feedback is that the skin feels less hot and more comfortable.

Using the Enzyme therapy mask on its own as a ‘beginners’ treatment, we will spend time extracting comodones (the smart word for a blackhead) since every comodone will be your potential ‘next breakout’!  If needed we will use DMK Sebum Soak which softens hardened sebum and oils in the epidermis and loosens blackheads.  It makes it easier to extract and hopefully with less discomfort for the client.

To keep our hand firmly on assisting to remove congestion and to decrease inflammation, we need to book our clients every 2 weeks for anything between 2 – 6 treatments depending on the severity of the condition.

Quick Peel:   This treatment is used when we feel that the skin will be able to handle a low percentage exfoliation.  It is the treatment of choice treating reactive and inflamed skin.   It does wonders for clients with fragile or weakened capillaries as well.  Quick Peel contains Cassia nut oil from the Chinese cassia cinnamon nut which causes a pseudo or false heat while on the skin.  The ‘false heat’ stimulates the surface vascular area causing a healing effect due to flushing fresh blood and lymph into the skin and removing old blood and lymph.   This is such a unique method which I have not seen with any other para-medical house and I am still in awe of the positive results we get.

The DMK Enzyme mask will be applied after this peel.

Prozyme:  This exfoliator contains Bromalein and Papaine from pineapple and papaya and works like a dead skin cell ‘muncher‘.  It is designed to address thickened or congested skin.  It is normal for the skin to feel a bit hot and sensitive after the treatment.   It nearly feels like a mild sunburn.   A  slight flakiness and dry feeling for a day or 2 can be expected but is not always the case.  Any feeling of discomfort is normally only on the first and second treatments.  If the client does feel a bit hot,  we ask our clients to ice their skins the evening of the treatment

This treatment will be ended off by applying the DMK Enzyme mask.

DMK treatments for Acne: Enzyme treatment, Quick Peel, Prozyme, Alkaline wash and DMK home care
DMK treatments for Acne: Photo before



Acne treatments done with DMK
Acne treatments done with DMK

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