July 26th, 2015 Marijke Harteveld

DMKColour – The Perfect Make up Foundation

Today we have been playing around as a team to show you why we love the DMKColour make up range so much.

DMKC Foundation is manufactured for high definition (HD) and digital technology and a model or photographer’s dream!   It contains Biocence which is a preservative but the same time also anti-bacterial.  This makes it truly the safest way for acne sufferers to cover a nasty breakout

It is important to work with a clean skin that has been moisturised well.  Not to forget to apply your sunscreen first seeing that DMKC has no built in SPF.

Needed for application:  Primer, your DMKColour Compact, Sponge, DMK Herbal and mineral mist, medium width brush for primer

What you need for perfect application of the DMKColour - Primer and Foundation

What you need for perfect application of the DMKColour – Primer and Foundation

For an ultra smooth end result be sure to invest in their Creme Glace primer.  Primers should be applied in an ultra thin layer over the entire face and eyelids.   Your brush should be of medium width and light up and down and side to side strokes will blend it in well.  You should not be able to see the primer at all before you apply the colour foundation.  A primer is as if you are placing a ‘veil’ over the skin resulting in an ultra smooth and easy application of colour and blusher

If your skin needs a bit more moisture before applying your colour foundation, make sure to use your DMK Herb and mineral mist.  Now take your sponge and apply a very small amount of foundation using medium long, light strokes.  Where you need more coverage, use shorter, dab movements ….

Check out the lovely smooth and porcelain look on your skin.  You will be surprised at how far even a small amount of foundation goes…

DMKColour will stay fresh all day long.  It is available at View 021 7948986 at R550.   Visit us to be matched with your perfect colour and you will receive your compact soonest possible.  We do have some stock but due to a very wide range of colours, some we will have to specially order ….


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