April 26th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

How to use Dermalogica Pre Cleanse and Environ Pre Cleanser

The idea of the ‘Pre cleanse’ method of cleansing ones skin,  has been the best ever!

Des Fernandes who developed Environ in South Africa, has been one of the first advocating that we need ‘an oil  to dissolve an oil’.  Now we talk of a bad oil – oil coming from over active oil glands, dirt, dust, grime and exhaust fumes we pick up during the day.

It has been proven that people who tend to acne outbursts have a thicker, more pasty oil secretion than people without the tendency of having break outs.  A pre cleanser is just the right product to dilute/dissolve this type of sticky and often waxy secretions.

Now back on how to use the Environ but also Dermalogica Pre Cleansers:

The double cleanse

Dermalogica and Environ Pre Cleansers

We as your skin professional, would like you to cleanse your skin twice at night.   The first time to wash off make up and loosen dirt and dust – this is done with the Pre Cleanse/r and the second cleanse is with your normal cleanser to give you that final squeaky clean sensation on your skin.

A Pre Cleanser is used on dry hands and dry face – no water is added.  Use rotary movements and work into skin thoroughly.  Yes, take about a minute to do this.   Now, add a little water in your hands…it will now have a slight milky look, do a few more rotaries to loosen all dirt and then finally rinse of.   A final cleanse with your normal cleanser and your skin is ready to accept your serums, toners and night creams – all with active ingredients.

Good news is that these ingredients will now have the best opportunity to absorb into your thoroughly cleansed skin.   Better results, better skin!







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