May 9th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

New! Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Serum

MultiVitamin Power Serum is the serum from Dermalogica we have all been waiting for!  They have developed a new advanced form of liposome technology that enables higher amounts of actives to be loaded into the liposome sphere.  The end result is high concentration of stabilised vitamins that penetrate deeper into the skin to the targeted areas – being the deeper layers of the epidermis and also into the dermal layer!

The following vitamins are encapsulated in the liposomes:   Vitamins A, C and E and Linoleic Acid (Vit F) which is an essential fatty acid.

Vitamin A:  Both Retinol and Hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) are being used.   HPR has the advantage that it works similar to Retin-A but without the irritation that often accompanies this drug.

Vitamin A is often called the normalising vitamin because it is responsible for normal differentiation of epidermal cells – Vit A always wants to ‘heal’ a damaged skin cell.  This ingredient stimulates cell turnover and collagen synthesis.  Overall they improve skin’s elasticity and thickness while reversing the signs of photoageing.

Results of a two-week study showed about a 50% improvement in skin roughness and about a 40% improvement in skin surface scaling (an indicator of dryness)

Apart from this it is now common knowledge that retinoids are used to prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin C:  Vitamin C functions not only as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, but is also used to stimulate collagen biosynthesis.  It also provides photoprotection against ultraviolet light.  Vitamin C has also shown to inhibit the formation of hyper pigmentation.

The shortfall of Vitamin C is that it is not stable and great care must be taken to ensure stability.  Dermalogica uses Ascorbyl Glucoside, a stable derivative of Vit C that is slowly converted by skin enzymes to Ascorbic Acid.

In this serum, the benefits of Vit C is optimised by combining Ascorbyl Glucoside with encapsulated Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate (MAP).   MAP is an extremely stable form of Vit C and normally increases collagen synthesis almost 3-fold.  In encapsulated form, collagen synthesis is increased 25-fold!

Vitamin E:  Tocopherol is used to help scavenge free radicals that can damage cells and membranes.  It assists in relieving dryness and promote smoothness.   It also helps to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity.  Vit E enhances the performance of UV sunscreens.

Vitamin F:  Vit F, which is one of several Essential Fatty Acids, is a natural component of membranes surrounding the skin cells.  It helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Summary of benefits:

  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Enhances cell turnover and cell renewal
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Helps control pigmentation

    Promo - MultiVitamin Power Serum

    Promo – MultiVitamin Power Serum

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