March 3rd, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Our face treatments – Dermalogica or DMK?

Now that we have mentioned why we chose the products we have in the clinic, it is a good time to explain when and how we decide whether we should perform a  Dermalogica or Danne Montague-King (DMK) face treatment on you.

When you are new to our clinic, you might even be new to the product houses we work with or even new to the idea of face treatments. To get to know us, our style, knowledge and technique, we believe in starting your treatments by using Dermalogica. Easy to customise, with lovely movements during the treatment, you can relax after the initial Face Mapping/consultation which is quite interactive and very informative. This is a lovely way of enjoying superb results and if you decide to purchase products from us, we take the time to carefully explain how to use them correctly. We welcome any questions you might have re your home care and enjoy any feedback on how your skin is doing. Feedback enables us to customise your future treatments with us.

Because we are result driven, there is a certain level of results we would like to see after 2 or 3 treatments. Some of our clients would want to stay with Dermalogica facials because they feel positive about the results achieved. Most clients will ask us where the Danne Montague-King face treatments are positioned…

Here is where we would recommend DMK treatments: You are happy with Dermalogica’s results but you are looking for an even better penetration of higher concentrated active ingredients to reach the deeper layers of your skin – in other words, build the structures of the skin (collagen/elastin) in higher concentrations and in doing so have even better age control.

Another reason for having DMK treatments is where we had good results with Dermalogica, but not reaching the desired result according to our judgement and experience.

In certain cases we will advise DMK treatments only after maybe one Dermalogica treatment. These may include serious acne problems with scarring and high amount of inflammation and nodules, serious sun damaged and pre-maturely aged skin.

It is possible to alternate Dermalogica and DMK treatments if our client misses the so-called ‘facial movements and facial massage’. Note that it is not necessary to be on DMK to receive DMK treatments or to only receive Dermalogica treatments when you use Dermalogica. We have so many clients on Environ who are benefiting from the non-Environ face treatments we offer.

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