October 22nd, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Reviews: Bio-therapeutic (Bt) Cocktail gels

I have been using the Bt Cocktail Gels for over 3 months.   Right from the start my skin  looked lively and rested although I did not always feel that rested.   As mentioned in one of the reviews further down, I also had people commenting on how bright and fresh I looked.  Needless to say, they wanted to know what I have done differently or if I had been away on a holiday…..I wish 😉 !

Princess Noo's Bt Cocktail gel review - available at View health and skin care clinic, Cape Town

Bt Cocktail gel review

In my clinic I normally say that nothing comes through the front door of my skin care centre, if I would not want to use it myself.   This is how I feel about the Bt Cocktail gels.  I want to use them!  …..and so I do.

Style Society - look at what they have to say about the Bt Cocktail gels

Bt Cocktail gels – review

These gels can be used layered in minute amounts on the skin in the mornings or evenings. Apply them before your normal skin care products.  They get absorbed very fast and the texture is light and non-greasy.   If these gels are used together with a monthly Bt Nano Non-surgical Facelift treatment, the results of collagen stimulation and lifting of tired face muscles will be enhanced.


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