April 14th, 2014 Marijke Harteveld

Skin Peels – DMK Alkaline Wash

View offers a wide range of superficial but also medium depth peels.   The important fact is that to us it is of utmost importance to customise the peel to the results our client wants to achieve, her comfort zone and the type and condition of the skin.

It is with DMK that we can achieve medium depth peels if we wish to do so.  One of them being the Alkaline Wash which means the peel is done by raising the normal pH level of the skin (5.6) to 12 within only a few minutes.

It is a versatile formulation and we can use it for various skin conditions.  In our clinic we have already had excellent results treating post acne scarring and ice pick scarring.  It can be used for brightening and controlling hyper pigmentation and improving the appearance of sun damaged skin with sun spots.

It is an excellent anti-ageing tool smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  We can even improve rough, calloused feet to give them a baby soft appearance (see MediPedi on our price list).

Wrinkled skin: Pre and post pictures after DMK Alkaline wash

Pre and post pictures after DMK Alkaline Wash on wrinkled skin

Although we do not specialise in hair removal, it has the added benefit of ridding the skin of hair giving it that ultra soft and refined look and feeling!

Alkaline wash works by dissolving skin in the intense alkaline condition on the surface of the skin.  The degree of this process depends on the time left on the skin, the technique used and the condition of the skin.

Although the treatment is perfectly safe it does require the skills of a therapist who has been through advanced DMK training.

For best results it is of utmost importance to prep the skin by using the products your therapist has recommended.   Depending on the area and the results our clients want to achieve, it is better to have the skin treated a few times before the Alkaline wash.  Healing and recovery of the peeled area is so much faster and with optimal results if home prescriptives are used daily

Alkaline wash has not only the ability to refine and smooth post acne marks and wrinkled skin, it is a better brightening treatment than acid peels.  The reason for this is that a high pH will soften (and dissolve) skin and therefore penetration of brightening ingredients can be deeper than with acid peels which ‘harden’ skin cells resulting in less penetration.

For a consultation and recommendation on skin peels and Alkaline wash, please contact us on 021 7948986 or email us on:  View@telkomsa.net


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