The new View layered face treatment – ‘Bt Energise and Nano lift ‘

In a previous blog post we mentioned the benefit of View’s layered face treatments.
We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new Bio-therapeutic Energy gels called Bt Cocktail.  These 3 gels work in a specialised way promising exceptional collagen boosting and quicker cell turnover minimising lines and wrinkles.  The Bt Cocktail gels are used as part of our layered treatment but for best results it is advised to be used as home care as well.
More about the Bt Cocktail gels:
Energy 1 Gel contains anti-oxidants to defend against free radicals and the ingredient Vitacell increases cellular respiration and oxygen consumption with 57.7%
It contains ingredients which assist in brightening the skin.
Energy 2 Gel contains Biodynes which is an anti-oxidant offering 100% ozone protection!  It protects the barrier function of the skin and can reverse oxidative effects of the environment.  It is excellent for tired, dull skin by enhancing its vitality.

Energy 3 Gel contains peptides to enhance production of collagen.   Studies show an improvement of overall skin tone by 32%.

Bt Cocktail gels energising skin by actiing on Mitochondria. Minimises lines, stimulating collagen
Bt Cocktail gels energising skin and stimulating collagen
More about the treatment:
This is an intensive 45 min treatment done with serums and facial machines.  The skin will be double cleansed and ‘Speedmapped‘ (a short Facemapping) to determine the condition of the skin, the result we want to achieve and to make the perfect choice in products/serums which will be used together with our new Bt Cocktail gels.
We will then start with exfoliation which will be customised to the condition and strength of your skin.   The exfoliation will be of such that you will be able to leave the clinic with a soft and glowing skin, looking even more beautiful than when you walked into the clinic.  The peel or exfoliation will be enhanced by using the Bt Micro ultrasonic hand-held device to give you that extra refined and polished look.
We now layer 2 customised Dermalogica serums followed by a masque and work that into the skin with galvanic current for maximum absorption of the active ingredients.
The final part of this treatment consists of applying a hydrating gel containing Hyaluronic Acid.  This active ingredient has the capacity of holding water many times its own weight resulting in perfectly hydrated and plumped up skin.   The 3 Bt Cocktail gels will be applied and the facial muscles energised and collagen stimulated by using the Bt Nano non-surgical face lift machine
We end by making sure all ingredients are worked into the skin perfectly well, add a sunscreen and Dermalogica Cover Tint (foundation) if our client needs to look beautiful and ready for a meeting or a shopping spree…
Cost of treatment:  R650


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