TV 1 doing a shoot at View health and skin care clinic!

Yesterday (Monday) saw us bright and early at the clinic getting ready for our shoot with TV 1 and their friendly and hip presenter and film crew.

TV 1 shoot at View - acne, the causes, treatment, psychological effect
TV 1 at View! How exciting – all about Acne and the psychological effect on the client

After receiving the call on the Friday before, we realised although we will have to push the boundaries a bit by coming in early, moving clients etc, this was an opportunity not to be missed.  Adding to this the experience gained having to say your say on national TV!

TV1 Shoot at View.   The causes, effects, treatments of Acne
TV 1  Shoot at View. The causes, effects, treatment for Acne

The subject?   Acne – the causes, treatment and psychological effect on the sufferer.   Joining us was Kim a clinical psychologist speaking about how important it is to understand someone with acne and the support of family and friends underlining the fact that they love you for who you are and not for how you look!

From View’s side it was giving them hope that with knowledge about good skin care, through our customised treatments and using the correct ingredients, we can hugely improve and in many cases even cure acne.

A good place to start?   Book a 1 hour Facemapping/Consultation with one of our knowledgable therapists.




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