January 30th, 2013 Marijke Harteveld

Why do we recommend and retail Environ?

A few years before I started  my clinic, I came across a few articles describing the anti-ageing properties of using Retinol (a form of Vit A) on the skin. It was also prescribed to acne clients. These were only available on script, which they are still today because of their very high concentrations of Vit A.

In my search for choosing the products I wanted for my clinic, I read articles written by Dr Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon in Cape Town, and the founder of Environ skin care products.

Here is what he had to say about Vit A: “I had started to use vitamin A (Tretinoin) on my own skin in 1982, because of the positive effects that I noticed on my patients that I had treated for acne. By 1986 I had uncovered all the positive facts about Vitamin A and antioxidants and started to promote Vit A for the prevention of skin cancer as well.”

Dr Des Fernandes used to prepare Vit A creams in his own kitchen and then found a chemist to assist him. He started offering his patients these creams from 1988 onwards.  it became so popular and the demand was so high that he started a company to sell the creams.

There were no alternative creams available apart from his products and he only later discovered that no such creams existed in either America or Europe.

Dr Des Fernandes and sister Mrs Val Carstens

Founders of Environ

The company Environ was founded by Dr Fermandes and his sister Mrs Val Carstens in 1990 and soon expanded into a full skin care range and training school. The company now exports to 5 major continents.

What gave me the final thumbs up to have Environ in my clinic, was again Dr Fernandes’ own experience of having the product on his skin with wonderful results. The products have scientific backing with many published articles.  Numerous of pre and post pictures I have seen whilst researching the product, stunned me. The amount of anti-ageing and improvement in sun damaged skin was mind boggling – I was convinced that although I would not be doing the treatments, I had to be able to offer these wonderful active ingredients and Vit A to my clients. No prescriptions needed!

Environ original range


Today I still know why I have Environ on my shelves. The results are amazing. The only area where we sometimes see a problem is when the product is not used correctly or that the correct products have not been recommended. Often the skin changes and needs a new recommendation.

This is another reason why we believe in doing Facemapping every time we see our client and why we book a new client for a one hour Facemapping/consultation.  We see skin therapy as a very personalised service and assist our clients to get the best out of the product they purchase.

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